3 days of paleo

Started the diet for reeaallys on Sat eve March 28th
It’s a lot of cooking. haha. I’m excited to learn even more things about how to cook different things. How to make meat dishes, how to not be intimidated by meat w bones or fish!
And I’m excited about learning more about how my body reacts to different food…well kind of.
So since being off dairy and gluten the bad gas has been real. It feels silly to say out loud and maybe a little embarrassing but mostly it’s a pain in the ass 🙂 and a stink to be around!

I started this cleanse to help my body heal- in a number of ways: my skin(eczema), my gut- weird bouts of gas since I got a bug from eating food in Nov. (and possibly to see how it effects me incredibly debilitating period cramps- going to talk to a doc about my options tomorrow) From what I can tell- my gut is sick. And if your gut is sick it’s likely that other problems from skin, to mental health to acid reflux can be the result. Mine looks like skin(possibly). My gut also started acting up the day I stopped taking my daily probiotics- which I ran out of…and forgot to refill. SO- Today I will be making a trip to get some kombucha. I have an order of jarro-dolpholis on the way and I will be learning about how to make mine own fermented veggies- starting with the basics- CABBAGE!


the accidentally dairy

yesterday was the first day I messed up and ate dairy! ugh!
I thought the gluten free cupcake I was eating tasted extraordinary and it’s because it was with cream… so it was yummy.. and within 10 minutes the gas began. My stomach rebelled against the creamy sugary morsel I had scarfed down..
So now I know- stay away from that!
it’s going to be a challenge to not make mistakes. I can see myself staying the course, but making a mistake is going to be easier than I thought. So I will have to make sure I eat at home and I eradicate the house of anything that is not within the limits of this food-cleanse.


the start

To supplement my health here’s the current picture:

daily herbal infusion: alfalfa, tulsi, oats, redclover, astragalus powder, dandelion root powder
lots and lots of herbal teas all day long 🙂

This past week I’ve started to cut out all dairy and gluten in preparation for this 30 days of strict paleo. Even this feel hard. I want to eat sugar! I want sweets!

I’ve started to compile recipes for this paleo cleanse that as I make em, if they are good I’ll post them here! What I’m hoping for is that by starting to restrict some of the foods from my diet now I will be able to gain some perspective of what I can to instead which will hopefully make it will be easier when PM and I start those 30 days!

Things that I have never tried to make that I will attempt to make while trying out Paleo:

bone broth- apparently this is amazingly rich in all sorts of wonderful healthy magical things

zucchini bread and pumpkin bread- w coconut flour – I have made these w corn flour however not paleo-style! I’m hoping this will help substitute for bread-y textured things


It’s already mid March 2015

2 and a half months into 2015.

time goes by so quickly.

New Years Resolutions are often garbage, we all know this, but this year I seem to be keeping the half-assed ones I made for myself, probably because I actually care about what I want to do with my year of 30.

Last year was so intense. I suppose every year of my life is SO INTENSE, probably because I am so intense… we see a pattern here. But last year as a list was:

PM had stage IV cancer—finished treatments, threw him a surprise bday, went sky diving

Worked fairly hard on ThrillerParty- learned ALOT, made a lot of mistakes, found more confidence in what I am doing and made a list to follow ie: started a business plan to follow

Moved in w PM for round 2 of relationship- thats been its own journey in it’s own bubble

Became- am becoming increasingly more and more interested in my health- by most people’s standards I am very healthy- I eat well, blahblah. but recognizing issues that are not obvious to everyone has put me on this path of finding new “healing modalities”(this sounds so dumb but yes) – herbalism class, diet changes, lifestyle habits, thoughts on thoughts on thoughts. And due to this I’ve learned how to cook new things, develop new habits, have a cabinet full of plants and herbs that I actually know what to do with(mostly).

so now:

due to

1. a really exciting gut bug from last nov I still can’t seem to get my gut back on track and

2. having the most painful periods ever- trying arvigo massage and things have become more painful…

3. constant bouts of eczema – now on my face, that seems to lessen or worse dependingon something I can’t figure out…

I am going to try Chris Kressers- 30day reset diet.

I can’t believe that I am going to try a diet. this is so out of my realm of things. but yes. I am going to not eat a ton of things I like for a whole month and thought I would write about it here.