Hello Kefir Hello Rice

The end of last week I re-introduced dairy- Kefir!
I have never had kefir- but it’s like yummy slightly watery yogurt. Which adding berries to makes for a delicious snack/dessert/snack
So- did you know that yogurt and kefir and some cheese are considered FERMENTED DAIRY?! This sounds almost yucky. Fermented often brings to mind something like: pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi- sour and salty not creamy and sweet like yogurt.

I think my body missed fermented dairy. I was a lover of whole milk yogurt, both cow and goat style. After having my first serving of Kefir my stomach seemed to thank me!

Last night I had white rice for the first time in over a month! It wasn’t delicious but I wanted to keep eating it. Perhaps the texture of a grain was missed by my mouth. Afterwards I experienced some rather foul smelling gas. I don’t know that this is 100% related to the rice, but I’ll be it is and I’m sure I’ll find out next time I eat some more! However- these foul beauties were a little different than the other gas I have so charmingly experienced while attempting to cleanse my body. These were unexpectedly stinky- like I didn’t have a rumbley gut and indigestion and burning sensations. Not sure what this means but thought it was worth noting to myself.

Because my eczema is continuing (I’ve now noticed a spot on my leg, my side, and still scattered on my face) I’m trying to figure out what my “food-cure” is. I read a website about curing eczema with food. This was utterly confusing because so many things between the auto immune paleo diet and this contradict. And then my I rememebered that EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. And therefore we are each going to have our own body systems while deal with irritants differently.

Here are the bits that contradict, but are worth noting:
Auto immune Paleo diet excludes:(normal paleo exclusion plus) nuts, seed, eggs, nightshade veggies
Eczema Diet excludes: most grains, dairy, MEAT. why? the simple answer because pork, chicken and beef are hard to digest. Which requires your stomach to produce a lot of acid. You want to avoid producing lots of acid. However this diet doesn’t exclude, eggs, nuts, nightshade veggies….

So many other websites site eggs as being a major eczema irritant….

Something they both agree on: Eczema and other auto immune issues are ABSOLUTELY related to your gut health. SO if you are experiencing auto immune symptoms it is very likely that your gut is upset/you are eating stuff that doesn’t agree with your system.
SO how do you pull out the “fat” so-to-speak and figure out what TO eat and what NOT to eat? Experience and Time- everyone’s favorite answer…

My experience: When I began eating paleo, I began eating LOTS of beef and meat. I chose fattier cuts because I wanted to feel full. Because I ate so many grains and starches prior I knew it would be hard to feel full without eating as many easy carbs/starches. Fat is a good way to feel satiated. I also began eating lots of seeds, nuts and eggs to fill the gap of snacks. And my skin got worse. SO my conclusion here is to try cutting down on meat in general. I found eating so much meat to cause me to have indigestion and gas VERY frequently and I associate stinky gas with un happy gut…SO I will be sticking to fish and chicken and occasionally beef and see if my skin improves.
So far I don’t think(not positive) that dairy, or atleast fermented dairy is my problem. I’m going to continue to experiment with what I add back in. It’s important to try and remember to give myself 3 or so days inbtween adding something so that I can tell if I’m having a bad reaction.

Notes to self:
This is what my diet currently looks like:
+ rice (very occasionally until I can determine if my body is ok with it)
+ fermented dairy
+ fish 1-2xs a week or more
– lots of beef/fatty meat
– pork
+ some bacon
– eggs
– seeds and nuts
– nightshade vegetables
+ fishoil supplements
+ probiotic supplements


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