auto immune paleo diet?

So 3 weeks thru the diet I read about auto immune paleo- which could potentially help w my eczema. Eczema is considered an auto immune disorder and there for I should attempt to cut out more foods.

Upon this discovery I became very disheartened. All that hard work has led me to having to cut out a number of the food items I have been relying on to keep me full and satiated. Every morning I eat eggs. Almost everyday I snack on nuts and seed crackers for that super satisfying CRUNCH….alas…

I cut out eggs, seeds, nuts and night shade veggies. and I haven’t experimented w eating seeds/nuts again, but eating eggs has definitely made me have skin breakouts a day or so after eating eggs. This makes me really sad, because I love eating eggs and nuts and seeds.

So far I believe that eggs are a trigger for me-I tried eating them 2xs now w  a few days in between for my skin to rest. and the day after my cheeks break out in eczema.

Because I’m at a stage of re-introduction I’ve also decided to bring back the dairy- starting with Kefir. Dairy is also known for triggering eczema however, I don’t think that is one for me. I held off on eggs for a few days- my skin cleared up and I ate/drank some kefir. It felt so good to eat. my stomach felt so happy! I can’t imagine that this lovely feeling would also be my doom… but we shall see.


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