Bone Broth!

I just got back from the supermarket with some chicken bones! I have never even looked to see if chicken bones were sold … well now I know!
Excitedly I did my online HW for making bone broth. I asked a friend who has made it- slow cooker style. And I’ve read up on nomnom paleo about a pressure cooker version. andddd I watched danielle walker’s video which loosely follows the nomnompaleo’s version.
It sounds like bone broth smells pretty intense to slow cook for 24 hrs…like gross intense. So the pressure cooker not only makes a less stinky option, but also a much much faster cook. It seems like you can cook your bone broth from 45 min- 3 hrs. Probably depending on your preference and the kinds of bones. I imagine chicken bones won’t need 3 hrs!

Here goes:
About 2lbs of chicken bones!
1 nice onion
3 small-med carrots
a few sprigs of parsley
2 TBS apple cider vinegar(helps to pull out the goodness of the bones)
1-2 tsp salt
8-10 cups of water- until your bones are covered ( my slow cooker would only do about 8+ before it was at the max fill line)

My pressure cooker doesn’t have a whole lot of settings like other fancier ones do- so I’m going to let mine get up to high temp(which is the second ring on the pressure thing on the lid) and then turnt he heat done to stabilize and leave it there for 60ish mins.
Then turn the heat down and wait till the pressure cooker cools enough to release the pressure.

IT came out great! The bones are so soft they crumble to the touch!
After letting it cool and transferring it to tupperware- I stuck it in the freezer for a few hrs so the top layer of fat will solidify. And then scrape it all off!


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