3 days of paleo

Started the diet for reeaallys on Sat eve March 28th
It’s a lot of cooking. haha. I’m excited to learn even more things about how to cook different things. How to make meat dishes, how to not be intimidated by meat w bones or fish!
And I’m excited about learning more about how my body reacts to different food…well kind of.
So since being off dairy and gluten the bad gas has been real. It feels silly to say out loud and maybe a little embarrassing but mostly it’s a pain in the ass 🙂 and a stink to be around!

I started this cleanse to help my body heal- in a number of ways: my skin(eczema), my gut- weird bouts of gas since I got a bug from eating food in Nov. (and possibly to see how it effects me incredibly debilitating period cramps- going to talk to a doc about my options tomorrow) From what I can tell- my gut is sick. And if your gut is sick it’s likely that other problems from skin, to mental health to acid reflux can be the result. Mine looks like skin(possibly). My gut also started acting up the day I stopped taking my daily probiotics- which I ran out of…and forgot to refill. SO- Today I will be making a trip to get some kombucha. I have an order of jarro-dolpholis on the way and I will be learning about how to make mine own fermented veggies- starting with the basics- CABBAGE!


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