the start

To supplement my health here’s the current picture:

daily herbal infusion: alfalfa, tulsi, oats, redclover, astragalus powder, dandelion root powder
lots and lots of herbal teas all day long 🙂

This past week I’ve started to cut out all dairy and gluten in preparation for this 30 days of strict paleo. Even this feel hard. I want to eat sugar! I want sweets!

I’ve started to compile recipes for this paleo cleanse that as I make em, if they are good I’ll post them here! What I’m hoping for is that by starting to restrict some of the foods from my diet now I will be able to gain some perspective of what I can to instead which will hopefully make it will be easier when PM and I start those 30 days!

Things that I have never tried to make that I will attempt to make while trying out Paleo:

bone broth- apparently this is amazingly rich in all sorts of wonderful healthy magical things

zucchini bread and pumpkin bread- w coconut flour – I have made these w corn flour however not paleo-style! I’m hoping this will help substitute for bread-y textured things


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