It’s already mid March 2015

2 and a half months into 2015.

time goes by so quickly.

New Years Resolutions are often garbage, we all know this, but this year I seem to be keeping the half-assed ones I made for myself, probably because I actually care about what I want to do with my year of 30.

Last year was so intense. I suppose every year of my life is SO INTENSE, probably because I am so intense… we see a pattern here. But last year as a list was:

PM had stage IV cancer—finished treatments, threw him a surprise bday, went sky diving

Worked fairly hard on ThrillerParty- learned ALOT, made a lot of mistakes, found more confidence in what I am doing and made a list to follow ie: started a business plan to follow

Moved in w PM for round 2 of relationship- thats been its own journey in it’s own bubble

Became- am becoming increasingly more and more interested in my health- by most people’s standards I am very healthy- I eat well, blahblah. but recognizing issues that are not obvious to everyone has put me on this path of finding new “healing modalities”(this sounds so dumb but yes) – herbalism class, diet changes, lifestyle habits, thoughts on thoughts on thoughts. And due to this I’ve learned how to cook new things, develop new habits, have a cabinet full of plants and herbs that I actually know what to do with(mostly).

so now:

due to

1. a really exciting gut bug from last nov I still can’t seem to get my gut back on track and

2. having the most painful periods ever- trying arvigo massage and things have become more painful…

3. constant bouts of eczema – now on my face, that seems to lessen or worse dependingon something I can’t figure out…

I am going to try Chris Kressers- 30day reset diet.

I can’t believe that I am going to try a diet. this is so out of my realm of things. but yes. I am going to not eat a ton of things I like for a whole month and thought I would write about it here.


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